First steps for solution providers

Trusts and suppliers will be seeking solutions that can meet their needs when implementing the Scan4Safety principles.

To support the aims of the programme it is recommended your solutions can appropriately use GS1 standards to meet necessary requirements.

As part of the steps to getting started with Scan4Safety, trusts are advised to review tender documents to include GS1 standards. It is advisable to review the GS1 UK Compliance Specification document as a benchmark to see if your solution meets necessary minimum requirements. 

Download the Compliance Specification

As part of the verification process, there is the opportunity to have your solution(s)/product(s) reviewed by GS1 UK for a more detailed review of whether your solution meets requirements. This is known as the GS1 UK approval process. Upon completion a certificate and report are produced as validation.

Why go through this process?

As a solution provider, when discussing prospective tenders issued by a trust wishing to embark on Scan4Safety, you will be able to provide certification that your particular product has demonstrated conformance to applicable GS1 standards. 

Trusts looking to implement a GS1 standards-based solution can find GS1 UK-Approved products that meet their needs under the assurance that it has previously been reviewed by the GS1 UK standards team and passed necessary demonstrations.

To find out more, contact the GS1 UK partner team on

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