The Standards

Driving standards into healthcare is a massive undertaking. The success of Scan4Safety is in its methodical and structured approach.

People / Product / Place / Process

The aim of Scan4Safety is expressed in the four ‘P’s – People, Product, Place, Process.

Through Scan4Safety, the DHSC provides NHS trusts with the tools, financial backing and know-how to identify every patient, product and place within the healthcare setting using global standards. This means that each of the identifiers used for patients, products and places are globally unique.

When combined with efficient, best-practice processes this approach provides the NHS with visibility into what care is administered to a patient, when and by whom. The benefits include improved patient care and experience, a reduction in errors, including some ‘never-events‘, and significant operational efficiencies, including an ability to plan to meet patient demand more effectively.

There are two sets of standards that underpin this unique identification of people, products and places and efficient processes. These are GS1 standards and PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement On Line).

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