feature image, patient barcode scan

Scan4Safety using GS1 standards at the core of the patient pathway

As part of their Scan4Safety implementation programme, Hull focused on a connected, continuous and complete process with the patient front […]

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More than stock management: the benefits of having a robust IMS during a pandemic

Management of equipment and supplies is vital, even more so during a pandemic. Using Scan4Safety, Plymouth were able to track […]

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Harnessing the clinical benefits of point-of-care scanning

To make eObs and patient transfers safer and more efficient, Leeds introduced Scan4Safety to capture patient and location information at […]

Rachel Ellis being interviewed at a GS1 conference

Key messages from Rachael Ellis

Rachael Ellis, Scan4Safety programme director, Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust explains the key principles of Scan4Safety and the value […]

Sara Ford being interviewed at a GS1 conference

Key messages from Sara Ford

Sara Ford, director of strategy, communications and digital, NHS Supply Chain, discusses the benefits of Scan4Safety in preventing Never Events […]

Baroness Julia Cumberlege being interviewed at a GS1 conference

The benefits of a national approach to Scan4Safety

A selection of keynote speakers from the GS1 UK Healthcare Conference 2022 reflect on and highlight, the widespread benefits of […]